Project NEON

NEON's philosophies are rooted in the concept of harm reduction and the belief that all individuals are capable of making life-enhancing decisions, regardless of their drug use. Therefore, we support informed choice based on accurate and truthful education.

Project NEON (Needle and Sex Education Outreach Network) is an HIV-prevention program for gay, bi and trans men affected by crystal methamphetamine. The program is geared towards men who are actively using as well as those in recovery.

NEON's goals are to:

  • Raise awareness about the links between crystal use and HIV, hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases and other health concerns

  • Provide accurate and truthful information about how crystal affects the body and mind

  • Provide options for reducing sexual and drug use risks associated with crystal

  • Provide options for managing or stopping crystal use


Peer Education
Peer educators are current and/or former crystal users trained to provide education about safer sex and safer use practices to other guys who use crystal in their communities.Through their existing drug networks, peer educators:

  • Conduct safer sex and safer use education

  • Conduct one-for-one needle exchange

  • Distribute condoms, lube, educational brochures, clean injection equipment and dental kits

  • Provide referrals for social services, health care, HIV/STD testing, and drug treatment/counseling

Educational Media
We distribute our media through peer educators, staff, needle exchange, and in brochure racks placed in a number of Capitol Hill bars, clinics, businesses, and agencies including:

Individual Counseling/Case Management
Our staff at Seattle Counseling Service provide individual counseling on personal drug use issues, addresses individual HIV/health concerns, and assists clients in accessing financial, housing, medical and mental health care services. These services are FREE and clients do not have to quit or even want to quit to get help.

The first step to accessing services is to complete our simple application form. Click here to begin.

Your First Appointment: Assessment
You can expect to spend two hours with a qualified Chemical Dependency Counselor. During this time they will gather information regarding your substance use history and current needs. By the end of the assessment you will be provided with a diagnosis and recommendations for the most appropriate treatment.

More questions? Check our FAQ page.